About the Clatskanie Terminal

Global purchased the terminal at the Port of St. Helens-owned Port Westward Industrial Park in February 2013. Known locally as the Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery, the facility first opened in 2008 and is home to the largest ethanol manufacturing facility on the West Coast.

In 2020, Global added renewable diesel to our Clatskanie Terminal. The fuel arrives by rail and is transloaded to ships and barges using existing infrastructure.

Renewable diesel is a cleaner fuel derived entirely from plant and animal byproducts. Renewable diesel can be used in any diesel engine. It can help reduce greenhouse emissions and help meet state and federal climate standards. There is huge demand for renewable diesel, driven in part by government climate policy, and Global’s Clatskanie Terminal is well-positioned to distribute it in a safe and reliable manner.

The facility is also approved to move ethanol and crude oil.  Since acquiring the facility, Global has made more than $21 million in infrastructure improvements for better safety and environmental controls. The terminal has undergone more than 200 third-party inspections with no substantive violations.